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We at "Salesforce Certifications" do offer Salesforce Training to individuals online. We have online courses for Salesforce Administrators as well as Developer Certification. Details of the same are available.

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Sample Questions: We have around 250 questions on ADM 201 and 300 questions for App Builder (DEV 401) Certification exam. Main Reasons why people try sample questions from our site:

    *You get a real exam like feel when you try our sample papers.
    *All Questions have answers along with them.
    *Salesforce would not tell you the Score on your exam. It would just say if you passed or failed. Our Sample papers give you an exact score
    *If you have some weak areas or if you are scoring low on a particular set of topics, you can spend more time in preparing the topics and then
      go for the real exam.
    *Practise on these questions as long as you wish to. There is no time limit.
    *They give you right answers to all questions asked. So, next time if you see the similar question, you already know the right answer.

Salesforce Certification Mentorship Programe:


We can mentor and help you prepare for the exam.


In the sessions we would discuss:

*How would test you in the exam.

*How you should prepare for the exam.

*Benifits of onsite and proctored.

*Open questions which you have.

*Sure shot ways to pass the exam.

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Code Question Bank Exam Buy

ADM 201

with Answers


Buy ADM 201 Questions Here

Sales Consultant

with Answers


Buy Sales Consultant Questions Here

App Builder (DEV401)

with Answers


Buy App Builder Questions Here

ADM 211 (301)

with Answers


Buy ADM 211 (301) Questions Here

Service Consultant

with Answers


Buy Service Consultant Questions Here

Platform Developer

with Answers


Buy Platform Developer Questions Here

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Salesforce Certifications Team

Ph: +91 98110 50802 

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Our advise to all Salesforce Certification aspirants is not to mug up for the exam. Instead do Salesforce exercises yourself and spend time on every step. has the descrition to give you any set of 60 questions from it's question bank. You cannot learn all questions and answers by heart. 

There are several books available in the market these days, which give good pointers for preparation for the exam.

For the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam, read the "Salesforce for Dummies" book. It is available for 10$ at Amazon.
For the Salesforce Developer Certification Exam (DEV 401), go through the Fundamentals book available on Website. You can google for this and getyour free copy.

Practise a lot on practical examples before you go for the theorey topics.

My most important piece of advise to all of you is: if you know the right answer to a question, and why it is the right choice, you will pass.
Wish you luck!!!